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Hi! I'm Julia (Natalie) Thiel,

a freelance copywriter & digital content specialist 

with a decade of experience in brand and product communication.​

I'm here to help businesses create engaging and impactful digital content that establishes genuine connections with their audience.

Copywriting, UX Writing and everything Digital Content

website under construction

My mission is to create content and products that

inspire, entertain, and enrich people's daily lives by

providing solutions and enhancing convenience.

Copywriting & Transcreation

If you're searching for captivating and unforgettable content that transcends language and cultural boundaries, I'm here to create it for your branding, social media, ads, emails, apps, websites, and user experiences. My expertise ensures your content resonates in the DACH market and forms meaningful connections with diverse audiences.

Brand & Content Strategy

Together, let's establish and enhance your brand's identity with a compelling narrative that distinguishes you, shaping a brand that authentically mirrors your distinctiveness. I'll develop content strategies that genuinely captivate your audience, fostering enduring connections to further elevate your brand's identity.

Product Marketing

I'll help brands enter the DACH market and optimize communication across all touchpoints. Together, we'll elevate your online presence by conceiving innovative concepts and producing content that generates unforgettable digital experiences for your audience.

Recent Projects


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