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What can I do for your business?

I can tailor digital creative crossmedia strategies for your business or brand that reach your target group effectively, set up mobile app content and create social media concepts. I can help you grow your community and get your brand image localised. Just get in contact with me, I am happy to help.



Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of working with Julia, both agency side and client side.

She's proven herself a valuable asset to our team without a doubt.

With strong process, planning, content creation and localisation skills she has many things she can turn her hand to.

She's bright, enthusiastic and always brought a great point of view that had analytical thinking behind it.

I can highly recommend Julia as a great fit for any team that is looking for someone with the aforementioned skills,

she's also a fast learner and adaptable to new tasks and challenges that lay in front of her.


Greg Piddington

Director, Digital Direct

Nike Central Europe


Julia is a highly capable social media professional. During her time at AKQA she worked with one of our biggest clients.

Her role involved planning, creating and executing strategies and concepts across multiple platforms.

Julia excels at working as part of a team, she has a great affinity with the communities she targets and represents,

and she also has a strong sense of ownership and accountability.

In short, Julia is a great asset to any content and socially-focused team, and is always a pleasure to work with.

Strongly recommended.


Mike Betts

Executive Director 

Product & Marketing Strategy at AKQA

Freelance Projects:
Social Media Platform & Market Research, Content Planning & Concepting, Editing & Community Management; Digital Activation Strategy; Digital Brand Marketing & Communication; Playbook Concept & Strategy, Copywriting Web Application & Campaign Communication, Localisation of Websites, Apps & Platforms
Fulltime Positions:
Localisation Manager AGS – NIKE, Inc. Berlin
Digital Content Specialist – NIKE, Inc. Berlin
Community Manager NIKE AGS – AKQA GmbH Berlin
Projectmanager Live Communication – Avantgarde Sales & Marketing  Support GmbH Dresden
Customer & Guest Manager Semperoper – Avantgarde Sales & Marketing Support GmbH Dresden
Online Editor || Copywriter – Freelance
Master of Arts Linguistics – TU Dresden
Lecturer German as a Foreign Language – University of Sydney, Australia
Media Computer Science – TU Dresden
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